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It seems that I've got

It seems that I've got back into that nocturnal thing again. Maybe it's the amount of coffee I'm drinking or the moon, but whatever it is it doesn't really bother me. Since I stopped working, I've got used to living in the strange times my mind decides to be awake in. Once when I was living in Guernsey, my neighbour on the boat next door asked if I'd been hammering at five o'clock in the morning. I had. It's not any form of insomnia, it's just that I often tend to sleep at different times from the rest of the continent.

So instead of sleeping, I've been wandering on the net tonight. Finding other weblogs that make me feel like I should really do something better with mine, like the breast chronicles. I also checked to see if the search engines were listing me, but instead I found sites on Saint Bron, Bron's bedroom, a Chinese film called Bron to be King, and a website claiming that I am in fact 10" tall and made in Hong Kong. Maybe it's time to go to bed.

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