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Well I was wrong to

Well I was wrong to think that Tuesday was my last day in Bristol. I donít fly out until Thursday morning. Luckily, Nina insisted on me telling her which flight I was on, and so when I checked on my Palm, it told me that I had another day here. What would I do without it? Nina doesnít seem too happy though as she thought I was flying back on Valentineís Day. Woops! I was stopped in the street by someone from the Children's Society today and they asked me for money. I had to honestly tell them that I just don't like children.

As you can tell from the time that Iím posting this, Iím getting back into my nocturnal frame of mind. Those periods of time, where I sleep during the day, and my mind wakens up at night and forces me to do lots of things. Having a free-form life at the moment I donít really mind it, but it wonít be very easy to leave Bristol at 0700 if Iím up all of tomorrow night. Anyway, I refuse to conform and live my life in GMT.

ìSleep is a poor substitute for caffeineî

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