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After briefly trying to scan

After briefly trying to scan in some new pics for the site today, windows insisted on showing me the blue screen of death and crashing repeatedly, so I was forced to abandon technology and go for a walk. Where we are in Copenhagen is surprisingly close to the countryside (or 'the nature' as Danes and Germans like to call it), and in less than an hour I found myself on top of a hill looking down at the city.

It got me thinking, and so I gave Andrew in Glasgow a call, and after chatting, arranged to go and visit him in a couple of weeks. Andrew mentioned that Colin is talking about having a party for his dreaded three-zero sometime around then and maybe I'll time it well. So expect to see / hear of me in the UK in a couple of weeks, and I do plan to get down to Guernsey this time as well to catch up on the drinking culture there!

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