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Glasgow, Scotland Yesterday's trip went

Glasgow, Scotland
Yesterday's trip went quite smoothly. It took a while to get through the security check when I left Sweden as the woman in front of me decided it was a good idea to stash a bunch of knives in her carry-on bag. The security people didn't really agree with her and took her off for interrogation. In Stansted I sat down to watch a dvd on the pc, and shocked everyone in the cafe when a big sex scene started on screen. I'd seen the film before on tv and there hadn't been anything dodgy in it, but I guess that's what they mean when they say it includes extra scenes! After making a hasty getaway from the angry mob, it was time to board the flight up to Scotland. The plane had been specially modified for this route, and had Chinese seating configuration (i.e. less legroom) as Scottish people are naturally so short. Upon landing we were guided through disinfectant baths in case our shoes were suffering from the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease, and everyone proceeded to slip around on the wet, tiled floor.

I stayed with Colin last night. In fact we were quite lucky to make it to his flat, as we stopped off in a pub directly across from the station after he met me. Sense prevailed, however, and we took my luggage back to his place before continuing our pub crawl, eating incredibly greasy fish and chips, and finishing the night off in the Bierhalle, my new favourite pub in Glasgow.

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