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Thursday night was spent in

Thursday night was spent in the west end pubs of Glasgow with Colin and Andrew. So once again, I woke up feeling very hungover yesterday morning. I had to get the train through to Perth for a dentist appointment, but at 0920 I realised that I'd been told the wrong train time and had only 20 minutes to make it to the station. Off I sprinted in my fragile state, only to sit in the station for 15 minutes as the train was late. Finally, it turned up, but only got as far as Stirling before it broke down and we were sent to another train at the other end of the station. Still, I made it to my appointment, which lasted exactly 3 minutes before he told me to come back again on Tuesday! It was strange to walk around Perth, where I hadn't been since the day I left Dundee, so I sat and had a coffee there before getting bored, realising how bad it all is, and jumping on the next train back to Glasgow. Now for some unexplained reason, I attract screaming children. It doesn't matter where I sit on a plane or train, but screaming kids will gravitate towards me. So, on the train, a woman with a screaming child moves, yes moves over to the seat in front of me, where not content to aggrivate my hangover, she proceeds to change the child's nappy!

I'm staying with Andrew right now, and last night we took it easy. I'm hoping to have a nice peaceful time tonight, but Ged is trying to persuade me to come through to Edinburgh for some mammoth drinking session.

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