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This morning we paid another

This morning we paid another visit to the doctor for yet more immunisations. After Hep A, Hep B and Japanese Encephalitis, I was feeling suitably punctured. It should be interesting going through Thai customs covered in needle marks! We also picked up malaria tablets which cost a whopping sixty-five pounds each (for three weeks cover!).

This evening we had a lovely meal with Nina's family (lots of meat and wine!), then we came back here and did most of our packing (hence the time). I'm taking very little with me, especially considering that it's for such a long time, as I want to be able to travel light, so we shall see how it works out. We still have a few last things to sort out, but we don't have to be at the airport until the afternoon so it shouldn't be too rushed. It feels very strange to be going off for so long with so little, and it's hard to believe that it's suddenly time to go but I guess I'd better get some sleep now...

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