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Yesterday we confirmed the flights

Yesterday we confirmed the flights to Bangkok and bought the tickets. This in itself was not too easy. The travel agents, like most shops in Denmark, don't take Visa, and the ATMs don't allow me to take out enough money to cover the tickets, so I went off to a bank to make a Visa withdrawal. Usually the banks simply make out a Visa slip, call for authorization, and give you the cash. This has worked for me in banks all over the world, including third world countries, but did it work in Denmark? No. I was sent from bank to bank across Copenhagen as they each refused to do it until finally, three hours later, I managed to withdraw the money from a branch in the airport.

Suddenly now, I've lots of things to do and no time to do them in. Today I got hold of the Lonely Planet guide to China and did some other shopping in town, and tomorrow we have to get more immunisations, pack, find a dozen things that don't exist in Denmark, then go to Nina's parents for dinner. Now back to that list...

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