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Well, I haven't been updating

Well, I haven't been updating this much over the last week as nothing very exciting has been happening, so there was no point in boring you. The weekend was pretty good as Chris took the train up from Hamburg and I gave him a tour of Copenhagen. No, that's not true, we just went out drinking but he did get to see the famous statue of the mermaid.

It's amazing to think that I've been back in Copenhagen for three weeks, but already I feel the lust of new places pulling me away again. I've spent much of the last week looking into flights and reading travel books as Nina and I plan how to spend her time away from university. We haven't made any concrete decisions yet, but when we do you'll be the first to know.

When we were in South Africa in January we passed a serious looking motorboat on the quay in Cape Town. It had www.ms-starship.com on the superstructure so I wrote it down with the intention of finding out just what it was up to. Tonight I finally got around to their website, and it is very impressive with daily updates of their position and photographs from the day online. One day I want a satellite uplink for Zamindar! Check it out.

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