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Walk to San Salvador

I've been doing quite a bit of walking in Mallorca recently, and today I
kept up this good habit by catching a bus to Felanitx and hiking up to the
mountain-top monastery of San Salvador. The walk used to be a pilgrimage up
the mountain, and as you follow the path there are stations of the cross at
intervals until you reach the church itself. It was something of a surprise,
however, on reaching the top and walking into the 13th Century monastery not
to hear hymns being sung, but to be greeted instead by 'The Bangles' being
played at full volume. Maybe the Catholic church has changed since I was
last there. The view itself was incredible though, looking out over
virtually all of the island, and onto Menorca in the distance.

My plan was to walk back to Porto Colom, and equipped with some maps I'd
picked up in Palma a couple of days ago, I confidently set off down the far
side of the mountain. Half-way down though, I was stopped by a large gate
surrounded by six no-trespassing signs, and so was forced to turn around and
climb back up to the summit then return to Felanitx. There, I waited for the
last bus in a bar and looked on in amazement as a Chinese woman cleaned the
gaming machine out of 160euros. Once she'd left with her winnings, I noticed
there was a bullfight on the essential television that every Spanish bar has
in the corner. Now, bullfights to me have always been one of those bizarre
things that Spain still has and no-one else in the world really understands
why it's allowed to survive. A bit like the USA has George Bush. Then you
tell yourself that it's part of their cultural identity, and you stop
thinking about it. So today, the same thought process went through my head,
but there was nothing else to look at in the bar so I found myself looking
back at the tv and watching the bullfight. I was really hoping that the bull
would win, but whenever it got close to the guy, a horserider would come
over and stab it with a long spear. At one point the bull turned and killed
one of the horses - live on tv as people ate dinner! Finally, the bull had
bled so much that it just fell over and was dragged off by a team of horses
with its' legs still kicking. I began to wonder where else in the world an
animal being killed could make primetime television, but couldn't come up
with anything so went off in search of my bus.

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