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Avon Cycle Path

This is Chris's bike in the woods
I had a cycle along the Severn and Avon cycle path today as it was a lovely sunny day and I hadn't done ridden a bike for weeks. As I wandered along the country lanes, I looked up and was amazed to see an eagle fly over me, especially being so close to the city. The route took me on a 20 mile (30km) semi-circle around Bristol, and then followed the river into the centre of town, by which time I was starving and went straight to Marks and Spencer's for sandwiches.


Dear Sir
Since birth I am using AVON Cycle.Now I bought two cycles for my Sons.I do not understand why you are using bad qualty of tyre.Kindly direct your agent at Aligarh to use tyres as directed by compney.i do not understand that the tyres are broken rather then punctured.
Shaista Ahmad
Gulzar House, Kothi Ameer Nishan,
Aligarh (U.P.)@02002
Phone: 0571-2405719

We have a motor guzzi and are in need of a part. the plunger to the master cylinder. Could you help US find one in cny?

thanks you

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