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Bangkok Partying

My birthday on Saturday turned into a mammoth 19-hour drinking and partying session. First of all we went out to a big local restaurant in the centre of Bangkok and ate freshwater crocodile (though crocodile farmed in accordance with protected species regulations so it's ok) then we moved onto some other bars, then Narcissus, where we continued partying until a power cut forced off the music and drove all but the most determined clubbers away. The staff brought out candles which gave the place a great atmosphere and half an hour later the power came back on. After a bit of chanting, the DJ returned and cranked up the music, even though it was nearly closing time and then I have vague memories of dancing on a podium for a long time after that, convinced that if I stopped the party would end.

When the club finally did close, long after it should have, we took a taxi back to Koh San Road with good intentions of going back to the hotel. For some unknown reason, however, we found ourselves drawn into a makeshift bar which consisted solely of a few red plastic chairs and a carpet on the side of the street. We settled in fairly well, and began recruiting passing strangers into our new private club. After that things are a bit blurry. Spoke to some odd people. Ended up in a high-speed tuk-tuk journey drinking red bull and Singha beer in the heat of the morning. Sat in an expensive Bangkok tailors looking at suits then went back to the street bar again where the local toast was now "SARS!" rather than "Cheers!". Finally wandered quite drunk back into my guesthouse at 12:00 where everyone sitting eating lunch went silent and stared at me (still in clubbing gear and carrying a big beer). One of the staff asked, "How are you?", to which I replied "Fine." "Are you sure you're fine?" she said with a smile.

I stumbled out of bed sometime yesterday evening after it was dark, had breakfast, and after a quick meeting with Colin we took a taxi to Ministry of Sound and started partying all over again.



I hope you had at least 1 blue lemonade!!!!
Happy birfday ya'old git!!

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