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Sars Bar

Due to a crackdown recently on after-hours drinking in Thailand it's quite difficult to find late night bars and clubs to have a beer in. Colin and I therefore decided to re-dress the situation by opening our own bar in front of the hotel. Naming it the 'Sars Bar' we've spent the last five nights drinking there with an ever changing collection of customers and the hotel staff until the sun comes up or later.

Last night, however, the police turned up and closed us down (at least temporarily) so we had to move the business to the magic carpet (a carpet lying on the pavement around the corner reputed to accentuate the affect of alcohol). We've ended up drinking and partying all night every night for the last six days, which I put down to being an extended birthday celebration (it's only one party if you never sober up), and Colin's only seen daylight in Bangkok once since he arrived.

Yesterday after drinking until noon with a particularly dedicated Kiwi girl, we grabbed a few hours sleep then got up at 5pm to go and teach English with one of our new Thai chums, Peter, an English teacher at the university. Still pissed and shaky, our native English conversation consisted of complex phrases such as, "Beer good", "You like Jackie Chan?", and other random drunken thoughts that were flying around our brains. I think we may have found our calling.


any chance of a job at the sars bar? keep up the good work :)

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