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Back in Britain

After an 18 hour flight I arrived in Heathrow where it was cold and grey, and caught the tube into Central London as everyone was going to work, and even though it was a Friday, they all looked miserable. It was all a bit of a shock to my system after being in Asia for so long but I've already begun planning my next trip out there.

I'd timed things badly as Chris had just caught a flight out to Copenhagen for the weekend that morning but his car was parked at the airport, so I spent the day in London then collected it from Stansted car park. I ended up spending the weekend driving around Essex, discovered a lovely village called Wivenhoe with a pub next to the river, did a lot of walking, and spent three days living in Chris's mini. Then it was back to Stansted airport to meet his flight and we drove up to Bristol last night.

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