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More Flight Hassles

I walked back to the hostel yesterday, looking forward to leaving Brunei, and went up to my room to collect my bag. All the rooms have shared keys that you have to return to the desk, and so I was somewhat perturbed to find that the key to my room was not there, that I had a new room mate, and that he had apparently pissed off with the only key there was to get into my luggage. I only had a couple of hours until my flight left, so I began looking all over the place for whoever it could be, but I couldn't see anyone. I went to the warden's office to get them to open it but they were all away so I tried the main office, but that was closed as it was now prayer time. Time was going fast and I realised that my only choice was to break the door down if I was going to catch my flight. On the way back, however, I found a couple of cleaners, who, after some persuasion, began to try to find the warden's phone number for me. After a while they managed to dig it out and I called him and explained the situation. He said that there was no way he could get back but he would ask one of his friends to try to come over and open the door for me. This had all taken a long time and it was now going to be touch and go whether I would catch the flight so I walked back to the room and hoped that he'd soon be there. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck in Brunei any longer, but worse than that, my return flight couldn't be changed, so if I missed it I'd lose it.

I got back to the room to see that my new room mate had returned and was lying on his bed with a far away look in his eyes. I was ready to kill him. I told him in no uncertain terms what an arsehole he was and how he had very nearly caused me to miss my flight, but he just looked back at me, clearly unaware that he was dealing with a person who could tip into violent insanity at any moment. But there was something in that look that I recognised. I asked him where he was from. "Copenhagen, Denmark", he replied. So I told him exactly what I thought of the Danes, then stormed out to catch my flight.


Was he dressed up in a scoutsuniform and his name is Morten??
If yes, what did you do with the poor man?

Chris ,
Isla Providencia,Colombia.

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