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Jellyfish Attack

I was having a swim in a bay just outside of the harbour on Saturday when I suddenly felt a really sharp pain in my left leg. If Id been at all worried about sharks I would have thought it was a shark bite as it hurt so much. I managed to swim over and crawl into the dinghy, half expecting to see my leg bleeding, but luckily it was just a bad jellyfish sting - though the worst Ive ever had. I was in quite a lot of pain so I thought it was a good idea to head back to Zamindar, but as I tried to pull the anchor up it wouldnt budge. It had lodged into some rock. I got back into the water, watching out for the jellyfish that were still swimming around, and dived down to try to free it. We were in about five metres of water, however, and I didnt have a mask, so once I did get down I couldnt see what I was doing and I was beginning to feel pretty rough from the toxins in the sting. After some more tries to dislodge it, we finally decided to untie it and come back with snorkelling gear once Id recovered.

Zamindar is still on Isla Clementina, though incredibly, I was told off yesterday by one of the marineros for showering naked on the pontoon. Last year it was de rigeur not to wear anything there!


It's De rigeur if you're a fit bird, but a scottish dwarf? Urrghghh!!

Hello Jellyfish attack victim - I am with a TV company and we are doing a show on jellyfish stings. We need photographs of stings - do you have any? If you, or someone else that reads this has great jellyfish sting photos of injuries, please write to freelance1@bullseyetv.co.uk before the end of January 2004. We may be able to use them for our show. Thank you.

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