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Tidal Waves

After being on Zamindar for a while I noticed some scratches on her bows and on the wooden pontoon, which shed obviously been scraping against, so I complained to one of the marineros who were supposed to be looking after her. Only afterwards did I find out that due to the large earthquake that hit Algeria in May, a tidal wave had crossed the Mediterranean and upon hitting the Balearics, sank 87 boats in Mahon harbour. So I stopped complaining.

On returning to the boat yesterday afternoon, however, I discovered that Ithaka, the Farr 56 which had been next to us, had left its berth and caused considerable damage to some of the safety equipment on Zamindars stern in the process of doing so. Even though their boat must be worth a fortune, theyd decided to do a runner and not even leave a note for me so Ive got their details from the marina and Im in the process of trying to contact the bastards.

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