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Wales in a Blur

biking in wales
Yesterday we took Chris's bike for a blast over to Wales and back. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day as we came into Abergavenny and met up with Pedro, Anna and Andy. I seem to recall making some comment to Chris about him riding like an old woman, becoming old and boring, which in hindsight was probably not a good idea.

From there we carried on through the lovely Brecon valleys where the roads were empty and things quickly began to hot up. Chris decided to push the tempo up a bit and we soon ended up in a full-blown race through the country lanes against Andy (without a passenger) on his Daytona 955. Although I normally have 100% confidence in Chris, I did begin to wonder when he pulled a 100mph+ wheelie, neatly dodged some oncoming traffic, then flew through the next bend on a road he'd never been on before in flat out pursuit of Andy. It was becoming very difficult to hang on as a passenger, even when both wheels were on the ground, my arms had gone completely numb, and the scenery had just turned into a complete blur as I fought to stay on. I was quite glad when we finally pulled into a pub, seconds behind Andy, for a break and a chance to empty my pants. Essentially realising that we were fairly lucky to be alive, or at least that I'd managed to hang on until the pub, we took it just a little easier going back on a lovely road through the Wye Valley. I still haven't got feeling back in all of my fingers today though.


There are more than a few errors in this Mr B! For the record, twas a nice relaxing ride through the Welsh countryside, where no speed limits were broken, nor wheelys pulled, and Andy's bike was in fact a Triumph Daytona 955 :-)

...and i'm the pope's son!

But you are the Popes son, El Papa!

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