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Late Nights and Early Mornings

The anchorage here in Espalmador was totally packed the other day until suddenly a storm blew through that wasn't forecast at all. I looked up to find a huge motorboat with topless girls alongside as about 50 other boats dragged through the anchorage. I was remarkably understanding to the motorboat crew as they tried to get themselves sorted out and in the ensuing panic couldn't decide whether to grab a fender or look for their clothes. The wind continued through the night, however, and I sat up until 03:00 on anchor watch before finally passing out.

This morning I was woken at 05:00 as a nearby mooring buoy lodged under the boat. I knew I should have sorted it out then but I just couldn't face diving at that time in the morning. It woke me up again at 07:00 and finally I had to go for a swim to check things out. I'd almost forgotten how much hard work being on a boat could be.

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