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Beach Bars

Bizarrely, but pleasantly, Formentera seems to be completely devoid of British tourists and northern Europeans in general. You only have to step into one of the beach bars (which interestingly for a beach bar have Dom Perignon and lobster on their menus) and you'll be immediately taken aback by all the attractive, trendy, tanned people sitting there fresh from the beach. Nobody is red and sweaty with their burned skin dropping off in sheets, nobody is wearing football tops and throwing up, and nobody has brought screaming kids intent on smashing the place up. The vast majority of tourists who come here are Italian, indeed a lot of the bars are Italian owned and run, and it's all very cultured and civilised with everyone wearing tiny pieces of designer beachwear on their perfect bodies, and drinking caipirinhas beneath wrap-around shades. Formentera just seems to have been kept secret from northern Europeans.


looks lovely, i checked this site www.formentera.co.uk , does easyjet fly there?? mmmm maybe not.

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