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Ibiza Anchorages

The port police have now started coming up to the boat in the morning and waking us up with a foghorn in their efforts to kick anchored boats out of Ibiza harbour. This would be fine if there were other places to anchor that were sheltered, but there aren't - it's unusual for anchoring to be prohibited in the outer part of Spanish harbours, and the area used to be an anchorage prior to the new outer harbour wall being built. It's understandable if part of the harbour needs to be kept clear as a turning area for shipping but the fact that the whole area is off-limits could make you wonder if it's to pressure people to use the 100 a night marinas in town. Tonight I watched a motorboat I knew, ironically called 'My Way', being towed into the harbour supported by flotation bags. It sank in Cala Talamanca, one of the anchorages we were told to move to, during a squall last week as the bay is totally open to southerly winds. In today's newspaper there was a photograph of two boats which had also dragged onto the rocks in San Antonio - it looks like Ibiza town's no-anchoring policy is putting vessels and human life at stake for no apparent reason and forcing people to use less well protected anchorages.


Hi Bron,

Finally got hooked up to a WIFi network here in Barcelona and took the oportunity to look at your website. Nice going. You have some interesting stuff there.


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