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Winds and Squalls

a boat getting towed off the rocks by the lifeboat
The weather's continued to be very unsettled here in the Balearics with 91km/hr winds recorded and a rainstorm that dropped 23 litres of rain per square metre within 10 minutes.

Yesterday morning, shortly after I noticed a very ominous looking dark cloud over the island, the anchorage was suddenly hit by storm force winds. There were two boats that had anchored very close to us and they began to drag, narrowly missing us. Boats were dragging all around us, people were running around on decks panicking and shouting, and the anchorage was chaos. Although we were only in 7 metres of water we had 50 metres of anchor chain out, which I increased to 60 metres, and thankfully we were one of the very few boats that held.

One of the boats just behind us began to drag, the crew didn't notice quickly enough, and within a minute or so it was on the rocks. The wind and waves were pushing it so hard that they just couldn't motor away, and gradually she was lifted higher and higher out of the water. They were only saved because it was a steel boat and that after 30 minutes or so, the wind began to drop. Eventually, the lifeboat came to their rescue (see picture), towed them off, and the boat, remarkably, seemed to have survived in pretty good shape.

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