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Bodmin to Liskeard

Yesterday I intended to go back to Bodmin Parkway by train to continue from where I left off, but of course, being in Britain this wasn't as easy as you'd expect. All main line train services in Cornwall are cancelled every weekend until Christmas and they're running buses instead. After a bit of friendly persuasion, however, the staff in the railway station had a word with one of the bus drivers and after the usual, "We're not allowed to carry bikes", they agreed to let me on (for free!).

So from Bodmin Parkway I cycled over Bodmin Moor, took a bit of a detour to go to a couple of places that Simon recommended, and finished off at Simon's place in the evening. There followed another sauna and swim (which I have to admit to getting used to after a hard day's cycling), and another lovely meal. The wildlife in Cornwall is pretty amazing, and I've now seen eagles on most days, as well as a kingfisher, and loads of squirrels.


Hi from David in Liskeard, Cornwall. Just read about your travels in 2003.

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