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New Town Architecture Tour

I'm sitting on the coach right now on my way back to Glasgow after a meeting in Cupar, which happens to be one of the most difficult places to get to. The coach takes almost two and a half hours (& the train takes even longer) so I arrived there, went to the meeting, then rushed back & caught the next coach to Glasgow fifteen minutes later. Hence, I've had the dubious pleasure of spending my day looking out of the window at the 1960's concrete architecture of Dunfermline & Glenrothes.

After spending hours trying to find the right menu to turn on the volume on my new phone (the manual is much bigger & heavier than the phone), I realised that it was broken & took it back to the shop for a replacement yesterday. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer! That, together with the fact that Carita is pissed off with me for not buying a Finnish phone makes me think that maybe I should have got another Nokia after all!

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