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Penzance to St Ives

After being kept awake most of last night by a fat American snoring so hard it was like he was trying to ingest his pillow, l was happy to cycle away from the youth hostel this morning. As I made my way out of Penzance, the sun even came out and I was making good progress until I got to Mousehole and hit the first big, steep hill. Suddenly I realised just how demanding cycling in Cornwall was going to be.

Eventually I got to Lands End, which, if you can ignore the theme park that now stands there, is quite a captivating place. I took a couple of photos, had a wander around, and decided to register for the End to End, so as to verify it just in case I end up continuing this trip at another time up to John O' Groats in Scotland. Then I set off for St Ives, by which time the weather had deteriorated again.

Even in the rain it was still all very beautiful countryside, and I was cycling on hedge-lined roads and passing standing stones in the fields. The going was quite tough though as the road went up and down steep hills continually and having been cycling all day I was now beginning to feel quite knackered. Because of the terrain it had taken me longer than I'd anticipated - it was beginning to get dark now and the road ahead kept turning up yet another hill. But finally after a huge climb, I got to the peak and looked down to see St Ives below, shining in the darkness. In what felt like seconds, I was down there, booked into a lovely, chilled youth hostel, and had a long, hot shower.

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