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St Ives to Zennor Walk

St Ives is such a lovely place, with its sandy harbour, small lanes, and laid-back atmosphere that I decided to stay here today. I contacted Simon and he drove over this morning and we started the day off with a visit to the Tate Gallery Cornwall which is housed in a lovely, purpose built building on the seafront. St Ives is a big surfing destination - it's normal to pass people walking down the main street in a wetsuit with a surfboard under their arm, and the gallery overlooks one of the surf beaches and has to be one of the best locations of any gallery I've been to. It's mild enough to walk around here without a jacket on even though it's November and there were people surfing as we went into the Tate. Most of the collection is changed around a couple of times a year but still it contains a wide spectrum of modern art by lots of famous artists.

Once we'd satisfied ourselves of culture we had a coffee and some lunch by the harbour then set off hiking on the south-west coastal path. It was fairly hilly but the views were fantastic as we walked along the cliffs. At one point we sat down by the edge and spotted some seals playing in the breaking waves below us so took had a break and watched them for a while. Afterwards, we carried on walking until we reached the village of Zennor, where we stopped off in the pub then caught the bus back to St Ives.

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