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Estonian Menus

As part of my occasional series on bizarre menus from around the world, here's some of the food on offer in Beer House, a lovely bar and restaurant I ate in last night.

overcooked salmon with potatoes and vegetables
roast chicken crops
pigs ears with sauce
pigtails with garlic sauce
homely bratwurst
hunter's sausage stuffed with cheese
cheese plate
potato burgers with sour-cream
roast pettitoes
pike perch fillet in puff beer pastry
ice cream (walnut, prunes, cowberry jam)
sauna with resting room & jacuzzi for up to 15 persons


What NO potatoe icecream luck Carita wasn't there !! I think u must have missread the menue What a lovely Estonian name Waynes Cafe very evocative.

What no pototoe icecream ? No good for Carita
then ?
"Waynes Cafe" what a beautifully evocative Estonian name.

i love you

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