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Bill Gates to be Knighted

According to this article in the Telegraph, Bill Gates is to be knighted for his services to "global enterprise". First of all we have to put up with Prince Charles giving knighthoods out to all his favourite popstars, and now a man whose company the EU is still prosecuting for anti-competitive behaviour. This, they've used to force British, European, and other companies out of the marketplace, and out of business, resulting in holding back innovation and the progress of technology by years, as well as harming our economies. Who's next on the list? George Bush?

What happened to knighthoods being given to people who had spent their lives in poverty striving towards helping others; not people who are already super-rich through being self-obsessed?



Last year someone brought forward Christmas by a
month. It is a multinational business conspiracy
to increase the number of christmas's in a century therefor maximising selling opportunities.
But I never realised that it was April Fools Day already ;)

Love and kisses


ps What has norman greenspan done for the British
economy apart from getting "Spirit in the Sky " twice into the charts ?????

"Hehehe, well, yes it is a very large sum of money, but unless you can get my soul back from Satan, I'm afraid I can't sell you Microsoft."

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