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Men on Mars

In a vague attempt to continue my education, I'm currently reading 'A Short History of Everything' by Bill Bryson, in which he covers life, the universe, and everything, in his own humorous, factual way. I've just read the following paragraph, which is particularly poignant given that last month George Bush announced plans to send a manned mission to Mars within the next ten years...

"A manned mission to Mars, called for by the first President Bush in a moment of passing giddiness, was quietly dropped when someone worked out that it would cost $450 billion and probably result in the deaths of all the crew (their DNA torn to tatters by high-energy solar particles from which they could not be shielded)."

History repeats itself, but at least it might stop him from losing voters who were disgruntled to hear about all the cuts he's made to other space programs to fund the war in Iraq.


It gives one a warm feeling to know that the most
powerful man in the world with our future in his hands is educated, intelligent, a forward looking free thinker with compasionate, tolerance and understanding for all.
When I was young thats what I thought politians
were how dumb was that ?

Love and kisses


ps I still have no weaxpoxs of xxxx desxructixn
under my bed BUT I believes the usa and the use
might have some ;) !

ps please sent me Carita's website so I can say hi

Hi Simon!
I learnd this horrible truth when i was 10, one day the human cruelty just hit me on our art lesson and i started to cry. The teacher asked what was wrong and i shouted back that the WORLD IS COMMING TO AN END! ...well she thought that i was a nutter and throd me out of the class. :)
Anyway... click my name and enter my dome.

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