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Green Flash

It was a gorgeous day today so I had a 15km walk down to the south of Formentera and along Mitjorn Beach, the longest beach on the island. It was quite hard to imagine that in the summer the entire length of it would be covered with naked bodies, as today I hardly passed anyone. At the end of the beach I stopped and stood watching the sun going down, as you don't see enough sunsets in life. As the last of the sun sank into the Mediterranean, an amazing thing happened - there was a green flash!

My book on weather describes it thus, "On very rare occasions, when the sun is on the point of disappearing below the horizon, a green light will be visible above it for a few seconds. This phenomenon is known as a green flash." Apparently it's caused by refraction of the sun's light by dust in the atmosphere and is only visible when there's unusually little dust. I'd been watching sunsets for years waiting for one, and today I was finally rewarded!

Now, of course, I found myself at the wrong end of the island with darkness quickly approaching. I found a bus stop, but according to it's winter timetable I'd missed the last bus back by hours. I started to walk, reckoning it was only about 10km. Although I wasn't hitchhiking, however, after an hour or so a motrbike stopped just ahead of me. The guy on it asked me where I was going and told me to get on. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, rather than spending the next two hours walking back to the boat, I found myself flying across Formentera on the back of a motorcross bike, hanging on for life, without a helmet, of course. Isn't it great when strangers are nice to you for no reason at all?


You lucky bastard. Ibiza and especially Formentera will never cease to surprise. They are magical places. Here the nature is all clad in white and when the sun touches the silver birches fair branches look to be covered with diamonds, the weather is like a bride... a bit too cold though. When the sun sets the northern lights take over the sky; green, blue and strong red dancing along... its natures own trance party.
;)- I love you!

O... and hani could you put a link to your web site in to mine, cause i have hardly any visitors... even my mum rather visits your web site than mine :(? ( THOUGH IT IS NOT COMPLETE YET )
-your new school girl- ;)

Hi girl I looked up your website at

www.carita.com it looks very professional

love and kisses.


and bron i find nice things happen to nice people
as a mass generalisation that is ;)

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