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Cheap Chicken

With my usual impeccable timing, Avian flu appeared just as I booked the flight here. Last year it was Sars and the Iraq war, but at least this time I was hoping for some cheap chicken. Unfortunately though, it's proving quite hard to find. Last night we ordered chicken but it tasted suspiciously like rabbit and some of the meat was hairy. There seemed to be quite a lot of screeching coming from the kitchen while we were waiting for it too.

You still see live chickens around (or else there would be no banana pancakes and that would be a real disaster!), but they tend to be in cages these days rather than running around free. The real problem is that so many Thai families depend on their chickens for income that due to the enforced slaughter happening in many places, there's likely to be widespread poverty and malnutrition as a result. Cock fighting is also a big sport here with some of the birds worth up to �1000 so many people are hiding them, making it even more difficult to eradicate the disease. Now some cats are getting it as well so I really wonder what the restaurants are going to be serving next week.

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