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Surviving the P800

Contrary to what the telecom companies try to tell you, gprs roaming doesn't work yet, so yesterday I bought a Thai sim card (from One-2-Call). Unlike when I was in Spain, where I spent days trying unsuccessfully, I've managed to get gprs working properly here so I can now update my moblog with pictures in real-time. I've thousands of proper photos from my digital camera that have piled up from recent trips, waiting to be photoshopped and uploaded to the site, but by the time I finally get around to working through them I'll have forgotten what they're pictures of. Must keep on top of things.

Though I still hate my Sony Ericsson phone (the P800, which insists on crashing every couple of weeks and re-formatting all it's memory as well as being awful to use), having a proper internet connection on a mobile makes things so much easier when you're travelling. Gone are the days of hunting for an internet cafe to check your mail and sitting there typing away for ages. Now I can check it anytime, and as it also runs the wonderful Opera browser I can pull up any information I want quickly from Google while I'm on the move. But even still, I've been very close to smashing this phone to pieces on many occasions. I was in a phone shop in Cornwall last month which said that everyone who'd ever bought the phone from them, apart from one person, had returned it because it's so bad.


Hi B and C
Glad to hear u are having a great time.
Carita u just go wild shopping !
Opera is the only way does anyone use
explorer anymore ? and all those skins
to choose from one a day everyday.
I am working eudora for email not got there
mainly cos the dragon has had 2 many
majic mushroom sandwiches in his youth.
How's the chicken situation ?

Love and kisses

Cornish Dragon

I could have told you that GPRS roaming doesn't work if you'd asked, remember who I work for?
PS. I bet you're glad you're not in morocco this week!

yeah, Morocco seems a bit shaky now... plus I get to enjoy all the chicken here!

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