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Good Morning...

Vietnam's most populous city, the streets of Ho Chi Minh are packed with people. Everyone seems to own a scooter and, apparently, there aren't any traffic regulations - people run red lights and pedestrian crossings seem to mean nothing, so everytime you cross a road you take your life in your hands. Breaks in the traffic are rare and the only way to get across seems to be by walking out into the midst of thousands of speeding mopeds, keep going, and, usually, they part and go around you. But it's stressful and requires Matrix-like belief.

Vietnam is much pooer than Thailand, but ironically most things (at least to foreigners) like food and drink, are much more expensive. There's much more hassle on the streets as well, with touts and hawkers appearing as if by magic as you step out the door, though inevitably, they're never selling anything you would want to buy in your dullest dreams.

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