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Saigon Stress

Today was a fairly stressful day in Ho Chi Minh City (or is it Saigon, we still can't figure that out?). Endless noise, hassle, people yelling at you, psychotic traffic; it was all hard work. We made more attempts to get the airline to check their lost property to see if my Palm had turned up but they weren't interested in helping so it took lots of (on the verge of losing our temper) persuasion. In the end, on our fourth visit, after lots of 'go fuck yourself' looks, we were told that they didn't have it.

Carita had a couple of silk dresses made for her in one of the tailors, and then we looked at each other, agreed it was time to leave, and bought tickets for tomorrow's bus to Cambodia. We're both looking forward to getting out of here and getting back on the road. We're also convinced that insects are living, or have laid eggs, under our skin as we're endlessly itchy and coming up in strange blotches and marks all the time, but it could be mild paranoia.

[cut to 'Alien' scene...]


You want to get yourselves checked out, there was a program on telly the other night on parasites that travellers get. One girl had similar symptoms after passing out drunk in the jungle in thailand. She got some kind of worms under her skin, not very nice at all!
PS. How will you w**k now you don't have a Palm?

Hi my friends,

I agree come back to Cornwall, the sun is shining
I am in tee shirts the dog is frollicking in the
sun ( I joke not ) It doesn't seem a good place to be if they don't want your company I do.
Marky Mark I don't know how carita will be able to Work (?) either ;) !!!!!!!!! Will Bron be able to help in any way ???

LOve and kisses

The non itchy Cornish dragon

Carita just put up a Finnish Louman log cabin
very well made. Do u know the Louman family can
u get me one shipped over ?

Hello CD!
yes i think that my spelling will return to be bad now that the pammypalm is gone and bron wont be able to check it. I will return to writing my blog when we reach bangkok again,because im a slow writer and at the moment very stressed with the surroundings here.

We have a family friend whos name is Louman... :) can you tell me some first names? Have you met someone from the family?

Or do you mean Luoman logg cabin products?

eh, well, yes I'm handicapped without it in SO many ways that noone wants to know!

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