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Rent a Wreck

We rented a car today and went off to explore the full extent of Formentera's 17km of roads. It wasn't long before we reached the far side of the island. The eastern end of Formentera is covered with pine trees and rises dramatically to almost 200 metres above the rest of the island, which is essentially flat and sandy. There we stopped off at El Mirador, a bar with one of the best views in the Balearics, which looks out across the whole island and over to Ibiza.

After some caffeine to sharpen our senses we went off to find a viewpoint that was marked at the end of a road near the highest point on the map. The road, however, quickly degenerated into a potholed forest track which we bounced along until the rental car felt like it was about to fall apart. Later I realised that the red lines on the map were in fact footpaths, not roads, and that we'd yet again wrecked another rental car by driving it down a mountain


Hmmmmmmm, sounds like a familiar story to me.....

Did the roof survive?

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