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It was a lovely, calm evening so we took the dinghy for a ride down Playa Illetes, a long, thin strip of land with beaches on either side that stretches for miles northwards towards Ibiza. Formentera has suddenly come alive with tourists over the last week or so but most of them had by now, thankfully, left the beaches for the day so we dropped the dinghy anchor into the clear, blue water and sat chatting, enjoying a beer and the last light of dusk.

By the time we turned around and went back to the marina it was dark and we flew past all boats anchored outside the town and into the harbour with Carita driving at full speed. We'd only just tied up and were walking off the pontoon to take Ira for a walk when a Guardia Civil car pulled up and two officers rushed out past us, heading for Zamindar. Realising that we might have pissed someone off by coming into the harbour a bit too fast (3 knot speed limit) we decided not to hang around and took Ira off for a long walk while the police walked up and down the pontoon trying to find the offending dinghy.

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