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Es Vedra

From Cala Porroig we sailed around to Cala d'Hort, anchored, and took the dinghy out to Es Vedra, a stunning 382m high rock that sits off Ibiza's west coast. Many of the locals are superstitious about it and Carita is as well, which meant she was a bit jumpy the whole trip. In the book, 'Diccionario de los Secretos de Ibiza', Mariano Planell wrote, "The telluric strength of Ibiza and Es Vedra is confirmed by the ancient cults of the god Bes or the goddess Tanit, deity of love, fertility and death, to whom numerous sanctuaries were dedicated. During the last century, the memoirs of the barefoot Carmelite monk, Father Palou, (who lived alone on Es Vedra for years) describe his mystic experiences. Numerous UFO sightings have been recorded in this region".

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