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Atlantis, Ibiza

We finally made it to Atlantis the other day. Some of the rock used to build the old town was quarried there and in the last twenty or thirty years visiting artists have carved figures and designs into the soft sandstone, turning it into an outdoor gallery. Set in an undisclosed location by the sea, it's never marked on maps and you have to do a lot of asking around and hunting to find it.

There are only two ways to get there. Either you follow a difficult, winding path down the cliffside or you do as we did and arrive by sea. Even that wasn't so easy as we had to anchor the dinghy in the middle of the bay and swim ashore to prevent it from getting bashed against the rocks. To our surprise there were a few other people there, most of whom were lying around naked on the warm rock.

Many of the original carvings have now been worn away by the elements - figures of men and women coming out of the rock and dragons and symbols; giving the place an ancient feeling like being at the pyramids as you walk through the passages formed by the quarrying. Most of the recent designs are sadly less creative, however, and it runs the risk of being taken over by people carving 'Kev was here 2003' as the old canvas gets washed clean, but it's still a very special place that's typical of Ibiza's spirit.


Time to get out the chisel and mallet and create a master piece describing the adventures of Zamindar me thinks

the penguins been there?

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