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Virtual Insanity

The more observant will have noticed that the picture from the boatcam hasn't changed once since it first appeared. Unfortunately, this is not because the view from the camera hasn't changed but because it's currently refusing to update the file properly on the site. It's a Nokia Observation Camera which I fitted in the winter so that I could easily keep check on the boat and it emails me pictures quite reliably most of the time. Given a bit of work I'll hopefully get it updating to the site soon with the view from the boat.

I haven't been able to email any new moblog pics either as my Spanish isp has inexplicably been bouncing any emails I send from their address and forcing me to dial in to the UK to send mail. Hopefully, this too will soon be sorted and I'll be able to offer a much more virtual experience.


I did not comment because I know the
truth and I am not afraid to tell the world
either....it must come out and I suppose it
had better be from me despite the risks.

I HAVE seen this film set at Area51 "dreamland"
at Groom Lake, US of A. You, carita and I/R..A
are not in Ibiza at all are you ?
Come clean are u still in those tunnels in Afganistan ? or chasing those missing ussr
briefcases ?

Love and kisses

cd xx

no, we really are in ibiza. the area 51 trip was only due to a brief abduction.

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