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San Antonio Uncovered

We sailed the rest of the way around to San Antonio bay as Carita started work last week. Marina prices are steadily climbing to their 100 euro plus levels a night as we approach high season so they're not an option for staying in. The port police moved us out of Ibiza Town harbour once too many times last year as they're trying to stop boats anchoring there, and so San Antonio bay is the next best choice for anchoring in shelter and getting bus connections across the island. When we first left Formentera Ira seemed a bit shocked about her home moving around and she wasn't quite sure what was happening, but by now she's very cool with the whole idea and just lies downstairs sleeping until we arrive when she comes out onto deck to see where we are. Carita sometimes does the same.

Although the best place for shelter is probably San Antonio itself, we didn't want to end up there just yet. For one thing it's full of lobster coloured Brits going around the streets without shirts / with football tops on and we just weren't ready for that shock after the serenity of Formentera. It's where the worst parts of Ibiza Uncovered were filmed, whereas the rest of the island is much more civilised. The other thing is that anchoring in a busy harbour is a bit like getting a good parking place - you don't want to give your space up as you won't get it back, and so you end up not going anywhere.

Instead we chose life. We chose to anchor around the various bays outside of San Antonio which are much more attractive than the town itself, and commute in by dinghy. Ibiza really does have some beautiful scenery. Still, it can sometimes be difficult to find tranquility in this part of the island. As the tourist season kicks into full force the bays around here are filling up with other yachts, rental jet skis, and glass bottom boats full of people whose idea of a good time is squeezing their flab into skin-tight leggings, having eight pints, a curry, and throwing up. I woke up yesterday, wandered onto deck half asleep, and looked up to find two hundred of them staring down at me from one of the boats. Rude awakening at the zoo. Thankfully, by early evening, most of them are heading off to the kebab shop and the beaches have returned to a state of peacefulness that suggests it was all a bad dream.

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