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Environmental Driving

Colin's been here for the last week and I've been having too much fun to get a chance to do any updates in that time. He flew into Ibiza last Saturday and we borrowed a car to collect him from the airport. Although I was told there was hardly any fuel in the tank it was just showing reserve so I wasn't in any rush to put petrol in and most of the service stations had big queues as it was Saturday morning. Bizarrely, the indicator didn't seem to be moving though, and it was still showing some reserve when the tank ran dry and the engine cut out in the middle of the island. Luckily, however, we were going downhill at the time and momentum kept the car moving. It began to crawl as we climbed the next hill, pissing off all the cars behind us, and it looked as if we were going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, but just as it was about to stop we reached the next crest, gathered some speed, and freewheeled down. This went on for about 5km until, amazingly, we freewheeled into San Antonio, around the traffic system, across the road, and came to a stop on the garage forecourt next to the petrol pump!

Some photos from our partying in Ibiza are here.

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