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New Photo Systems

A few weeks ago the power button fell off my trusty Fuji camera. After reading lots of reviews for a replacement I ended up with Canon's Powershot S60 and the Sony W1 (or W12 as they call the black version for some reason) on my shortlist. Canon, with their long experience in making cameras have endowed the S60 with several functions like exposure bracketing and a nice 28mm (equiv) lens. The Sony on the other hand is just a bit more advanced on the electronics side with a lovely big, sunlight readable display, faster transfer, and much better video recording. All the reviews said the picture quality on both was very good. It was a long, hard choice but finally I opted for the Sony and I'm very happy with it.

Here are some of the shots I've taken recently with it;
Ibiza photos

I'm using a new system for uploading and displaying them on the site called Gallery which links nicely into iPhoto using the iPhotoToGallery plug-in. I now just have to select the photos I want in iPhoto on the Mac, click export, and it resizes them and uploads them to the site. Most of these shots aren't Photoshopped at all but the colour balance is much better on this camera so they need fewer adjustments. Previously, photoshopping and uploading a set of photos would take about six hours work and I'm so far behind uploading photos from trips I've made that I need a faster system. Gallery also lets you choose the size of image you would like to view and watch a slideshow of the shots as well as some other features. Any problems or comments using it appreciated.


great photographs bron as usual.
Looking forward to carita kitting
me out in clubbin' gear ;)
especially those cheeky shorts !!


i/ra looking good in orange too

I like it, will have to figure out if we can use the same system on our blog if it isn't mac limited.

One pointer though, can you put a link back to your weblog or homepage from the Gallery as if you've been navigating through the pics for a bit it would be easier than pressing the back button.

It would also be a nice touch if you could get the music from Tony Harts Gallery section of his 80's tv show to play in the back ground :-) was it called Hart attack? can't remember, answers on a post card...

I think the music was CAVATINA by John Williams (Pure Chill Out album Disc 1) but not sure. I am looking to confirm this as I Type.... Watch this space

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