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Denia to Perpignan Drive

After much queueing, pledging allegiance to Spain, and assuring Europcar that their vehicle was safe in our capable hands, they finally agreed to rent us a Renault Clio - adding on a €90 surcharge for dropping it off at their office close to the French border (they don't allow cross-border rentals). With joy in our hearts we made our escape from Denia and it slowly began to dawn on us just how far away France was.

Much of the countryside was uninspiring and the day was spent either on the fairly expensive N15 toll motorway that runs along the coast or sitting behind trucks on the E340 primary road. Just after nightfall, however, we crossed over into France and drove into Perpignan to find a campsite and something to eat. All the campsites seemed to be closed though, and after hours of hunting around we were finally forced to book into a cheap hotel close to the airport.

This morning I got up early and drove back across the border to Spain to return the rental car, and although there aren't any checks at the border, French customs still decided to stop and question me. Apart from having to hang around for 30 mins as the girls working in the rental office had decided to close and go off for a morning coffee, it all went quite smoothly and I'm not sitting on the train to Cerbere bound for France once again.

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