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Stuck in Denia

In the end the ferry took five hours to reach Denia, not two as we'd been told, so everything was closed and it was getting dark by the time we disembarked. We started by checking out if any of the car rental agencies were still open - none were - and even worse, they were all going to be closed the next day, Sunday, as well. So we headed off to the railway station in the hope of managing to smuggle Ira onto a train, but the trainline from Denia only ran south. The only way to head north was by bus to Valencia, and needless to say, dogs weren't allowed on the buses.

It looked as if we were stuck in Denia until Monday morning when the car rental agencies would open so we sat down, had something to eat, and a couple of big beers. Most of the hotels in this dog-hating land didn't seem to want canine visitors either so we called a taxi to go to the campsite. It arrived but as we walked over to it the driver shouted that he didn't want a dog in his car and sped off. It was beginning to get difficult. We called the other taxi companies in town but none of them would take a dog. A local sitting at a nearby table told us that the taxis in town won't even take a child unless you bring a child seat with you.

With no other choice we walked out of town in the darkness along the main road and out to where the campsite was with our backpacks, really hoping it would be open. It was, though they were just about to lock up for the night, and we gratefully pitched our tent on the roughest, hardest, baked ground I've ever camped on.

I'm posting phonecam pictures of our progress on the moblog for as long as I have phone coverage on this trip.


Best of luck the three of yous.
I can understand not carrying
children in taxis but dogs that
is just stupid ;)


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