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We rented a car to show Carita's mum and sister around Formentera on their last day on the island. Carita, however, wanted to rent a Citroen Meharis; a pre-war looking convertible that appeared to have been dragged out of the sea. Hesitantly, I agreed.

Sitting in the driver's seat I couldn't figure out where the gear lever was until someone from the rental place came out and pointed to a black, shiny knob sticking out of the dashboard - to change gear you pulled it out or pushed it in, simultaneously causing a loud, grinding noise. The feeble handbrake was operated by another lever sticking from the dashboard, and the speedo, odometer, fuel gauge, and seat belts didn't work at all. There was a wooden board in the rear footwell as a previous customer had obviously put their feet through the floor, and the roof consisted of a pvc sheet, stapled on. Probably, it was the worst thing I have ever driven in my life. The clutch hardly worked at all, the suspension lurched from side to side as you went around corners, it had no brakes to speak of, and the steering had a mind of it's own, requiring you to fight with it to stay on the road.

Miraculously, we somehow managed to avoid running down any cyclists or pedestrians on our trip around the island, but by the end of the day I was more than happy to return it to the rental place, vowing to rent a proper car next time.

Here are the photographs from the last week.


Make them an offer quick this is a sought after car ! Carita u r a girl of taste as ever, your
little bettle wispers to me everytime I pass .....
"Is that lovely little finnish girl ever coming to save me......please "

Looks like every one had fun.
CU soon


how did i know u were going to say this?
cycling is easier than driving one of these!


Mahari's are Über cool!! A friend of mine had one, you could pull big lumps of rust off the chassis!

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