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Marina Life

After being fairly self-sufficient for the summer it's a bit strange to be in a marina now. On average we used 50 litres of fresh water a week, now it's unlimited. We can even shower if we choose to. Electricity now comes out of a cable, leaving our solar bank feeling less than fully appreciated. It's all a bit of a culture shock really, leaving us wondering how people with normal lives manage to cope with the oversupply of resources piped to them. On the downside we've lost a lot of the privacy and solitude that being anchored/ moored gave us as we're now tied to a pontoon next to lots of other boats, forcing us to listen in to the bizarre sexual habits of our neighbours.


Yes but think of all that work you will be able
to get on with ;)
Teak effect decking by Christmas ?
Are your bizarre neighbours German ?
Don't let them force you to do anything against
your will .....unless you want too ;)


Quote - "Listening to the bizarre sexual habits of our neighbours"
..That's a good one coming from you Mr. Kaminski!

good to hear from you MaRkY_mArK!

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