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Leaving Port Es Torrent

Carita's mum and sister flew in on Thursday morning, which was also Carita's last day at work. I was still feeling pretty bad from the flu but, nonetheless, Carita and I dived down and unshackled Zami' from her summer moorings in Port Es Torrent and spent Thursday afternoon getting things ready onboard for leaving. Thursday evening was spent collecting laundry, returning dvd's and all the other list of things to remember to do before sailing away.

As usual, Carita called me from the beach at night when she got back from work and I picked her up with the dinghy for the last time. We had our now customary middle-of-the-night drink then grabbed some sleep. The following morning we stumbled out of bed and sailed from Port Es Torrent, bound for Formentera. Although neither of us had been crazy about the place when we arrived at the beginning of the summer, it had turned out to be sheltered, peaceful (apart from the appalling evening entertainment from the Seaview Country Club, a nearby hotel) and much better than spending the summer anchored in San Antonio, one of the few other options. Now, of course after four months, it felt a bit sad to be leaving.

It was a lovely, sunny morning with a light wind from the east, and the trip around Ibiza's west coast went quickly. The waters have been full of large, cauliflower-like, non-stinging jellyfish recently, and we passed dozens of them, floating on the currents as we made our way towards our winter berth in Formentera. Although, as usual, the wind was on the nose, Carita insisted that we cut the engine and do the last leg under sail, so we tacked our way past Espalmador and Playa Es Illettes to the port of Sabina in Formentera.


Well done Carita for lasting the summer AND
getting Bron to use those triangular white
thing how ;)
Hope you are all having a lovely time with
the family.

if you go to the old town don't forget everyones
feet !

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