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Swedish Rally Car

I'm lovin' it!
Yesterday, in need of some transport that would fit in with his retro lifestyle, Chris bought himself a Saab 96 from 1967 and we headed across the mountains to pick it up from the small town it was in. It turned out to be an ex-rally car, with sponsorship stickers across the bonnet, and this coupled with the fact that it had an oversize exhaust seemed to clinch the deal for Chris. He paid for it and we were soon on our way, flying back towards Torsby at a frightening 50kmh.

There seemed to be a few live wires lying around as when I moved my feet or touched the dashboard I was sometimes met with electric sparks. Also we discovered that occasionally when driving along a winding country road, the lights will suddenly cut out and won't come back on until you pull over, get out, and bang repeatedly on the bonnet. So it tends to have it's quirks but it means that going for a drive is much more interesting for you and for anyone following behind as the car periodically disappears into the darkness.

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