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Formentera Chills

Carita and I flew down to Formentera on Tuesday to spend a couple of weeks on the boat and from the moment we arrived the weather was awful. The ferry trip across from Ibiza was rough enough to have me thinking about pebble-dashing the walls with hamburger, and we stepped out into torrential rain. Thankfully, Zami was very close and looking just how we'd left her, so we jumped aboard with our bags, gave things a quick clean, put the heating on, and soon we were lovely and warm.

The following day continued to be very cold and windy, but nonetheless we went off for a walk to the beach. As we were standing there complaining about how cold it was... it started to snow... then suddenly we were in the middle of a blizzard! Really unusual weather for the Balearics! It looked as if my promises to Carita that it would be warm enough to go swimming weren't going to be true. video (228kb .3gp file)

The cold, stormy weather continued, the other night being the coldest night in Ibiza for 20 years, with the interior of the island getting down to -4c and the front page of the paper carrying a (somewhat pathetic) picture of a small patch of snow in the middle of nowhere. That, combined with me catching some kind of bug and being violently ill, has meant that we haven't been able to haul the boat out to start anti-fouling or get a survey done yet, but we're hoping that the weather's changing now.

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