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Ryanair Prices

Here's an odd fact I discovered tonight about Ryanair's online booking system. If the price of a seat on one of their flights for a trip originating in, say Finland, is 59.99 Euros, and you then price that very same seat on the same date on a trip originating from the UK - it'll cost you 59.99 GBP. Almost 50% more.

So, did they just decide it was easier not to bother with the currency conversion (the taxes still convert) or did they choose to charge UK customers more than Euro customers?


They charge UK customers more, because they know UK customers are dying to get away from the UK!

Kryn lovely to have you posting
at last, welcome to the best
travel blog on the net.
Hope you are happy in your new
Multi national corperations don't
call the Uk " treasure isalnd "
for nothing U know ;)


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