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With all the work completed we flew out of Ibiza during a thunderstorm on Tuesday. After a stopover in Barcelona and a late lunch we got into Heathrow and I nipped into a shop to get some credit for my British sim card. Suddenly, I realised that I didn't have my credit card and my mind went back to the smiling guy in the sandwich shop in Barcelona airport with my card still sitting in the visa machine as he happily waved "Adios!" to me! I hastily called and cancelled the card, which thankfully hadn't been used, and luckily I still had enough cash on me to get around London.

We caught the tube over to Sanna's flat and Carita tried to drag her 50kg of luggage along the street whilst kicking old people and children out of her way. In the morning, after a very energetic Sanna gave us breakfast in bed, I headed out to the bank as the only way I could get cash without my card was over the counter. Needing to be in the airport by 1100, it was somewhat frustrating to discover that the bank was closed for 'staff training' until 1000 and after finally opening their doors and serving me, we jumped in a taxi, rushed to the station, and managed to catch the Stansted Express in time. I caught a flight up to Glasgow to visit Colin and Carita flew back to Finland.

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